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Layout created by lyricalib with a picture from here that I edited in Photoshop CS. I used some brushes from the Nagel Series; I'm not sure where they came from exactly. You may remove this part if you wish, but I would appreciate a link back.

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[10.22.07 - 4.26am]
why am i still up... seriously...
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Youtube Bitches [10.22.07 - 1.43am]
Just love this one:

Vicky and Rachel may find this one amusing. I did.

A dance off one:

Loveless warning, and Avril.

Theres my contribution to the Livejournal world from the YouTube one.
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Youtube [10.11.07 - 6.56pm]
As I am addicted to youtube i may just have to start posting some of my favorite videos in the off chance someone will care. Plus, then its solidified as a hobby. woot.

I would have loved if 'Host Club' had this much edge at the end of the series. Good thing it was close though.

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[9.23.07 - 11.23pm]
Paranoid Personality Disorder:High
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Narcissistic Personality Disorder:High
Avoidant Personality Disorder:Low
Dependent Personality Disorder:Moderate
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder:High

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[6.22.07 - 10.05pm]

Which Character on The L Word are you?

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[11.29.06 - 9.56am]

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Friends Only-Comment to be added [10.16.06 - 6.09pm]
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I've turned my journal into a friends only domain.
Comment if your interested in being added! ^.^
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[9.27.06 - 10.46am]
I'm so unbeliveably nervous....

Just let me get through this quiz without freaking out....

The worst thing in the world is not knowing what is going on all around you...
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[9.25.06 - 11.28am]
So Lifes okay- Tobbii is feeling better after bruising the side of his rib cage. Ice and a little bit of cuddles for two days was all he needed it seems because hes back to waundering around and playing! :D:D:D:D:D:D

I'm sick again and taking a drug that makes me really weak and tired. At least I'm not taking Cipro again which is what they wanted to do. (Doctors... Ask my age even if you think I need it... That stuff messes you up)

Other than that life is pretty boring... Saw Jet Li's Fearless this weekend. The movie was really well done, and i loved the subtitles. If any of you dont know what its about think "wushu" martial arts and depressing self-dscovery that all leads to one final distinguishing battle. (plus its Mr. Li's last matrial arts motion picture).

Life is Dull right now...
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[8.16.06 - 10.23am]
Birthday party today! The house still needs to have more cleaning o.O'... I can do this, and with 2 hours of sleep!

See everyone 6PM onwards.
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woohoo [8.14.06 - 1.04pm]
I have my desk set up now, it is a nice maple colour with a little door shelf to my left and plenty of cupboard space. My little pink lamp is resting about me beside my speakers. They keyboard broke and is improvised into its wonderous self.
This is very exciting for me!!!! :D:D:D:D:D

Two days until my party... OH I HAVE to clean.../organize.... *runs around frantlically*.

Ja ne for now.
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Everyone has to watch... LMAO.
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[8.12.06 - 9.16pm]
An email is coming soon but i thought i should post this.

My birthday party is happening on Wednesday(night)! come one and all who read this, if you live in Victoria.
I hope you can all make it.

All the details coming in said email up above.
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Today, meaning yesterday... the 3rd. [8.4.06 - 3.40am]
I have just returned from Denny's, after having a nice late night dinner there. It's so weird getting up at 1am and treading over there, for when you enter those illuminated doors you feel so awake like your SUPPOSE to be up. There we saw Jared, grey shirt and all, looking tired and annoyed; however he served us well and even put our drinks on the house! It was very sweet of him. The reason why we went there is because today Vicky moved out into her new apartment down the road with the help of Alex, David (Gilbo), and me. It was a lot of fun, and her new place is coming along splendidly. It will be strange not having her live here though because I have sort of become accustomed to it. I'm sure though that this move will be beneficial to both of us and our friendship, since living together can create tensions, and even more when you live with one of your closest friends you lack a hang out place! Now she can come over here, or I there, if either of us want a change of environment. It's ubber cool.

Getting back on topic...

After we moved her through three trolley trips we were all up for going to Denny's. Jared even sat with us some on his break. I truly enjoyed just hanging out, and the late hour made it seem nifty. This is something, as Vicky brought up, that I would like to make a tradition at least once a month if not two.

Before coming home and moving Vicky out I attended Rachel's party, birthday party that is (props Rachel, it’s your 18th year :P ^.^) this was fun and amusing. I came horribly late, having been ditched by Abhijeet at 3:30 after he delivered my dresser and cabinet from Value Village, but I did show up at 5:30... It was only when I got there I became aware that it had begun at 1... Oh well, fashionably late I suppose. Still, I was able to mingle with people I hadn't seen in a year or so; meaning, Nathan, Chris, Jason(sort of), and Dillian. Micheal and Judah were there for a little of the time I was, but left soon after I arrived. Thus I mostly ate food, Pasta and cake with a carbonated drink, watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-Old version- and communicated with said people (Greg, Brain and Naomi included, though not mentioned above).

I clean my room/Whole apartment tomorrow (I hope to at least), but now I am tired and am going to bed.


P.S: If you go to Denny's at night, 11pm-7am, ask to be put at Jared's tables. He's a good sever.
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Quiz [8.2.06 - 1.36pm]

Which Character Are You? Find out Here!
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[7.26.06 - 2.54pm]
College is just around the corner, and so is its cost.
Its outstanding how much three simple courses, Philosophy 100, Anthropology 104, and english 150, come to. Its also those student fees that get you, for they cost more than a whole course! What i'm wondering is if i will have to pay those fees more than ones this year. Does anyone know if it counts for two semesters or just one?
All together i am looking at around one thousand dollars... i think its time to go to hillary, my social worker, and see if there is any aid out there.

As my mind explodes, i bid you audei.
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[7.15.06 - 7.37pm]
I have a new layout.
That was about.... 5 months or so.
This has not been checked, if it has only been 2/Less than 5 it felt like longer.
I'll post some new icons at some point as well, but for now it is only the layout.
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[7.10.06 - 5.04am]
I'm very hungry, and tired.
Still need to clean though, for Alex and his english friend are to be here in about 5 hours, and i need to make this place slightly representable.
Here i go again... arg 5:30 in the monring.
I'm so glad Nathan and Dave are here to keep me company.
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[7.8.06 - 3.31am]
Cant sleep...

Micheal, we have to get together some time soon.
Saw you today at work for a second, i miss you as well. (judah as well, though plans have been hatched... for school ? o.O)

Folk Fest is almost done! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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[6.15.06 - 12.58am]
grad night.

went to hell.

went to heaven.

went to hell.

went to earth.

went back to hell.

ended on earth, mostly.
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